Achieve Customer Compliance at Every Step

Are you facing complexity in client collaboration and documentation during the product development and production process?

Are you looking for a streamlined, action-monitored workflow to avoid production and delivery delays?

Are you trying to secure future profit margins by controlling product costs as early as possible in the sample production stage?


MerchantPlus is an innovative tool to help manufacturers and sourcing companies monitor product lifecycles from samples to finished products using best-practice procedures and guided workflows. It not only improves communication, boosts productivity and controls costs, it also secures compliance with customer requirements and promised service standards.

Customer Collaboration

Work smarter with a complete view of all customer contacts, communications and documentations, and authoritatively handle customer interactions at every step, from initial contact to production.

Product Development

Use a single platform to record, handle and monitor the entire process of new product innovations and customer-specific designs, from receiving customer specifications and customer feedback to materials acquisition, product costing analysis and production tracking.

Process Control

Automate customer service and collaborative workflows to ensure staff perform their tasks in a timely and correct manner. By safeguarding your time to production and time to delivery, you can eliminate the massive expenses associated with late deliveries.



Controlled Workflows
  • Pre-defined and standardized procedures guide users through specific business processes from start to completion
  • Preset schedules and KPIs ensure that orders are processed accurately and on time, according to each customer’s specified requirements
  • Automated workflows use familiar Microsoft Office tools to increase staff performance, efficiency and service quality


Analytics and Reports
  • Capture and track all data and actions, including customer communications, sample amendment images, quotations, order status, staff responses, materials orders, cost analyses and more
  • Intelligently associate e-mail messages and tasks with relevant staff and customers
  • Analyze sales performance and profitability, and consolidate the production status of all orders


Cost and Risk Control
  • Archive sample quotations, cost trends and historical sample development records for future reference
  • Create a cost breakdown structure to simplify profit margin calculations and shorten the time needed for quotations and responding to changing customer requirements
  • Minimize the risk of delayed shipments with pro-active email alerts and reports to all responsible management


  • A tailor-made mobile app provides content and information to meet the specific needs of merchandising staff and customers
  • Staff can use the mobile app to present products and concepts during exhibitions and meetings
  • Staff can also access a private section of the app to check customer details and act on sample amendments while on the move


Low Costs
  • Cloud-based service eliminates the need for major capital investment
  • Subscription-based service flexibly matches your budget plan with a pay-as-you-go offer
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